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  • Jean Marie Schneider

Starting a new business today!

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Its official, I decided I want to create a business to help small businesses with tasks or projects that the owner doesn't have the time or skill to complete. I will be their #virtualassistant.

After decades of being in my own business, I found myself needing an assistant for certain projects on a temporary basis or as needed basis and didn't have a resource for that type of help. I had to learn to do the many tasks for business projects that a business owner dreads because of the amount of time it will take them away from their regular business duties. Most times these projects are to help grow the business, but the owner just doesn't have the time to do it or time to learn how to do it. So many times I wished I could hire someone for this one specific project, so now you can, hire me for your business.

I am looking forward to connecting with small business owners who are trying to grow their businessand need someone to give them #smallbizassistance.

I will be using this blog to talk about the projects I take on or just about anything else that might be on my mind, including but not limited to #smallbusiness, #horses, #travel, #opinions.

Feel free to visit my work in progress website


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